We Are Your OkiAJET Council

The Role of the Chair

The overarching role of Chair is to act as the central organizing figure in the community, ensuring that meetings and events run smoothly and on schedule. The Chair also provides support to other leadership roles.

Chair, Samantha Kwok

Sam Kwok.jpg

Aloha! My name is Samantha, I am your OkiAJET Chair this year. I love going out to eat and trying new places, but I also love to bake at home. As your Chair, I oversee the planning of monthly events designed to make sure you can get the most out of your experience here on the JET Program. If you have any questions or ideas on what we should do for a future event, feel free to shoot me a message. Looking forward to seeing you at our next event.

The Role of the Treasurer

The Treasurer is responsible for managing all OkiJET funds and provides monthly updates of our financial status during OkiAJET meetings. Bi/tri-annual financial reports will be released to the general community in order to be more transparent. The treasurer also coordinates with other members who would like to use OkiAJET funds for events.

Treasurer, Jase Stewart

Kia ora and hello! My name is Jase and I’m a Kiwi from New Zealand. I’m in my second year on the JET Program and teach in the Chubu area. I’m crazy about running, going to the beach and smashing beers at karaoke/izakaya’s. I am your OkiAJET treasurer for this year. This means I look after the cash monies that you guys send me for OkiAJET events. I also provide financial statements for transparency purposes, so you guys know that I’m not spending your hard-earned money on ramen! If you have any questions, please feel free to hit me up!


The Role of the Representatives

The OkiAJET Representatives act as a bridge between the general OkiJET membership and the leadership. Any questions or concerns should be directed to the Reps. The Representatives are responsible for releasing the OkiAJET minutes and announcements via email to the OkiJets community. They also serve as social media coordinators for all Facebook and LINE groups and conduct the elections at the end of the year.

OkiAJET Representative, Nadine Lindskog


Nadine is a second year JET from the United States. While she misses the true four seasons back home, she is loving living on one of the outer islands here in Okinawa. When she isn’t exploring the beaches and nature on her little island she can be found enjoying the many wonders of the main island, including the conbinis! She also enjoys hiking, cooking, reading, and watching far too many movies. She also loves to travel and is always looking for an adventure buddy. She is looking forward to getting more involved in the community and representing the outer islanders.

OkiAJET Representative, Harshvir Bali


Sorr- er Hey there guys!? The name’s Harshvir Bali (don’t forget it) and I am your new Representative for the 2019-2020 OkiJETs. I am a Canadian ALT currently in my second year, and I work in the Ginowan area. In my off hours I’m usually out checking out local bar scenes, spending too much time at Daiso, hiking, cooking, or adding to my semi-useful collection trivia knowledge.  I look forward to getting to know the new OkiJET community for the 2019-2020 year.

The Role of the Event Coordinators

This is a newly implemented position that is specifically dedicated to monthly event planning for the general OkiJET membership. Any suggestions for events from general OkiJETs should be discussed and coordinated with them. The events that they plan are officially under OkiAJET and are not affiliated with block events unless otherwise stated.

Event Coordinator, Cheyenne Vaughn

Cheyenne Vaughn.jpg

Hello friends! I’m Cheyenne, a 2nd year JET from the corn filled countryside of Missouri in the U.S. I’ll be one of the event coordinators this year. When I’m not planning fun events for our community, you can find me eating conbini popsicles, petting the stray cats behind my apartment, or collecting postcards from all the places I travel to. I also love showing off Nakagusuku to everyone (come visit some time!). I’m excited to give back to this wonderful community and to experience all of Okinawa with you all!

Event Coordinator, Monica Aguilar-Scion

Aloha Mai Kākou 2019-2020 OkiJETs!! My name is Monica, and I am a second year JET from Mililani town, Hawaiʻi, USA. I am a Mother to a very genki 4-year-old son, a Nurse, and a Musician. My greatest passions in life are teaching, nursing across the lifespan, public health, disease prevention, wellness, language learning, volunteering, exploration, travel, and learning/playing music. As one of your Event Coordinators this year, it is my hope and goal to bring many fun adventures and exciting new experiences to you! In addition, I am planning to incorporate volunteer events this year so that we can give back to our lovely Okinawan community. If you have any questions or suggestions of places you would like to go to, please do let me know! Let’s all enjoy Okinawa together!


The Role of the General Membership

The general membership has the power to plan and assist with events and to take on other tasks of their interest with the support of the OkiAJET leadership. The general membership is key in making sure all aspects of OkiAJET run smoothly.

General Membership:

Jaime Cerna, Rose Turck, Emma Hollis, Alexandria Dzurissin, Adam Boulden, Ben Rainbow, Chris Bell, Kyle Granzow, Lizzy Mangope, Petra Harrypersad, Ollie Weeden, Alex Berner, Nadine Lindskog, Jase Stewart, Monica Aguilar-Scion