Past Events


OkiAJET Lesson Sharing and Professional Development Session

Date: Saturday, June 2nd, 2018

Time: 1pm – 3pm

Location: Naha-shi Chuo Kominkan [那覇市中央公民館]

Cost: ¥500

Do you have a mind-blowingly awesome lesson plan that you’re itching to share with your OkiJET ALT peers? Are you in search of an English activity so great that your students will weep with joy, and your JTEs will bestow upon you praises and laurels aplenty? Or are you a CIR adrift in the stormy seas of keigo and Japanese e-mail etiquette?

If so, please come along to our LSPD sesh (short for ‘Lesson Sharing & Professional Development’, NOT affiliated with any US Police Department)!

This is an informal, unofficial event and is not affiliated with the JET Programme (unlike orientation, new JET training, SDC, etc.). The purpose of this event is to bring OkiJETs together in a casual setting (no suits/kariyushi wear allowed!), share ideas we have about our work, and ultimately grow and flourish as ALTs and CIRs.

Depending on numbers, we are hoping to split attendees into 4 groups:

ALT (ES) group leader: Alex Dzurissin
ALT (JHS) group leader: Luke James
ALT (SHS) group leader: Shaina Somers
CIR group leader: Jaime Cerna

Please RSVP so we can get an idea of numbers!

Please can every ALT attendee bring with them at least one activity that we can practise together as a group. (April 2018 arrivals are not required to bring an activity, but are welcome to if they wish.)