November Events

Hello OkiJETs!

We are now almost on the verge of November where we look forward this year, to many new and exciting event opportunities. With the advent of the Skills Development Conference looming on the horizon, OkiAJET looks to bring some exciting (and for many of you, new) events.

Assassin Game

First up, we have our annual run of the Assassin Game (or as Victor likes to put it,Cold-Blooded MURDER‘). For those of you who remain unaware of what the game is about, the Assassin Game is meant to be a friendly, and fun way to spend your time during the spare moments of SDC as well as collecting donations for a local Okinawan charity. Victor Gonzalez will be coordinating the event and has posted a very clear and well defined post on our official Facebook page.

The game is entirely voluntary, and if you are curious about participating, give Victor a shout! We are certain he will be more than happy to help give you the information you need to slay your way to the top!

Food Drive & Book Exchange

Next on our list is our annual food drive. Every year during SDC, we look to take a brief opportunity to recognize and appreciate our prefecture. Every year we ask attending SDC ALTs to bring in a small donation in the form of sealed, non-perishable food items that we will donate to a local charity, Second Harvest Okinawa. SHO is a
non-profit organisation that delivers clean and safe foods donated by wonderful people, to families in need.

As with the food drive, the book exchange is also an opportunities for ALTs who have exhausted their copies of literature and are looking for something new, to donate their old books and pick up copies of what other ALTs have brought in.

Should you choose to help contribute, please bring in something in to the donation and exchange table at the SDC Conference.

Meet & Greet Lunch

During lunch at SDC, we hope that you will take the opportunity to come out to a group lunch. We will split up into a few sizable groups so not to overwhelm the local food establishments, but there will be vegan, meat, and vegetarian options available. It is an opportunity to discuss, hang-out with, and make new friends with the many varied personalities on the island.

T-Shirt pick-up

As we finalize the deadline for orders of this years t-shirt design, we want to remind people to please remember to pick-up their orders at the SDC Conference booth. The deadline is October 27th, which ensures enough time (hopefully) for these t-shirts to be made by the date of the SDC conference.

Once again, we would like to give a hearty congratulations to this year’s design winner, Katherine Heider for her design Shisa Shodou!

Movember Event

Finally, a few within the ALT community here in Okinawa have previously participated in an annual November mustache growing fundraiser in their respective countries. We hope to carry the banner this November in Okinawa.

Each participant will be required to shave at the beginning of the month and follow a set of guidelines,  where the winner will be voted on, and have the opportunity to donate 3000 yen to a charity of their choice. Additionally there will also be a 2000 yen voucher thrown in to a store of the winner’s choosing (Daiso, San-A, or Starbucks). For those of you who are interested, please contact Jase Stewart for further information.


Until next time!

Your OkiAJET Council



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