OkiAJET Pension Party 2019 (Farewell Party) [Finished]

istockphoto-835562422-612x612When: When: Friday, July 5th 2019, 6pm – 2am
Where: Miyagi Island in Uruma
Cost: Leavers/ Outer Islanders 2000; Re-contractors: 2500; at the door: 3000
Food: snacks and breakfast provided (for overnighters)
Alcohol: BYOB
Sleeping Arrangements: You can stay over for the evening (BYOfuton)

As the JET year comes to a close, we bring you our (second) most anticipated event of the year, the Farewell Pension Party! Now many of you new JETs have not experienced a pension party yet as we usually have it right after SDC in November, however due to scheduling conflicts, we decided to forego the fall pension party. 

As previously done, this Pension Party will be located on Miyagi Island in Uruma. Please see the pin for directions. This is the same pension we have used in the past. At the pension (read: beach house) you can relax and unwind. Feel free to chat about how great air conditioning is, have a few beverages, chill with like-minded people, or just party the night away


We will provide snacks for the night and breakfast the next morning for those who stay the night. We recommend eating dinner before you arrive. If you have any dietary needs please shoot your reps, Shuaib or Chris Bell, a message.

BYOB. OKIAJET will provide some non-alcoholic beverages

Sleeping Arrangements: 
There are some futons at the pension but please bring one if you have one. We want to leave the futons at the pension for outer islanders and anyone who doesn’t have one.


PAYMENT AND FURIKOMI (bank transfer) について:
Leavers / Outer Islanders: 2000円
Re-contractors: 2500円
At the door: 3000円

If for some reason you can’t furikomi, please contact Petra by June 30th and we can work something out.

Please use the links below if you need help furikomi-ing:

Okinawa Ginko

Ryukyu Ginko

JP Post

Lastly, if you drink, absolutely DON’T drive.

Hope to see you all there!

〒904-2423 沖縄県うるま市与那城宮城1151-81 リゾートコテージ汐風


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