OkiAJET Elections 2019 – 2020 [Nominations CLOSED]


In early June, OkiAJET will be holding elections for the 2019-2020 year. Start thinking about running if you are interested! You can learn more about the different roles and responsibilities you can check it out on this website. Also, if you know someone would be a good candidate for a position, think about nominating them! Nominations will begin in mid-May. Nominations and voting for the Representative positions are open to all!

Election Structures and Timelines

OkiAJET elections are held in May/June for the forthcoming OkiAJET year. The Representatives are responsible for overseeing both the internal and external election.

The elected positions of Chairperson, Treasurer and Event Coordinators are held internally within the OkiAJET council. Interested candidates must write a short statement stating how they would best fill the role of the position they are running for.

The election for the Representative positions is open to all OkiJETs. Prior experience volunteering with OkiAJET is not required. Candidates are required to write a short bio about themselves and what they hope to bring to OkiAJET if they are elected. All current JETS are encouraged to vote for two Representatives from the pool of candidates they feel would best serve the community. This year we are hoping to include more outer island representation so we encourage outer islanders to apply.

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