Party & Adventure OkiJET Style! [JUNE Event]

Tataki+FallsWhen: Saturday, June 15th, 2019
Where: Orion Happy Park (Start)
Cost: Free

Haisai OKiJETs!

An adventure awaits you in the North of the South. Bring your smiling faces to our June event!  Our adventure begins with a tour of the Orion Beer Factory in Nago. Afterwards, we’ll drive even further north to go explore Taataki, a beautiful waterfall nestled in Ogimi that’s is absolutely worth the watery hike. To bring our adventure full circle, we’ll all meet up again in Nago at Seikinomori beach, to enjoy a festive bonfire and drink cold ones underneath the clear starry skies.

Come out and make some great memories with us this June before our final otsukare!! RSVP on the facebook page.

1:00PM: Orion Beer Factory tour
2:00PM: Carpool to Taataki:
2:30PM~4:30PM: explore Taataki falls
~4:30PM: Grab Dinner
~6:00PM: Bonfire at beach (BYOB)


**In case of inclement weather, the event will be rescheduled or another event will be in place instead**

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