2018 OkiAJET Welcome Party


When: Saturday, October 27th, 2018 –  Sunday, October 28th, 2018
Where: Zamami Cultural Centre, Zamami Island
Estimated Cost: ¥7000 – ¥8000 for ferry & accommodations

Mina-san, haisai! ☀️

Drum roll please! You asked and we listened. We’ve been hard at work planning this year’s welcome party and we’re bringing it back to the beautiful Zamami Island. Here at OkiAJET, we are excited to hold this event this year on Halloween weekend so bring your best costumes and ghost stories.

Located a 2 hour ferry ride away from Tomari Port in Naha, the island is famous for its beautiful beaches, abundant sea life (including sea turtles and colored fishies), and home to two JETS: Jason and Jaime.

So JETs new and old, please come along and enjoy this unique little slice of Okinawan paradise with us!


Ferry times and prices:

Price: ¥3,820 per person (round trip with group discount); ¥1,920 per children over 5 y.o. (round trip with group discount); free for children under 5 y.o. per adult.

*If you would like to come, but use boats other than these (e.g. those travelling from Tokashiki Island), please make the booking yourself and let us know by responding to the polls on this Facebook event.

We will be staying at Zamami Cultural Centre, located in Zamami Island’s Ama district. However the option to camp on the nearby camp site is also available to those who would prefer to spend their night gazing at the stars.

Those staying at the cultural centre will need to pay ¥2,700 in accommodation and cleaning fees. Futons will be provided.

Information on the campground can be found at here:

What to bring:

* Cash: You will need EXACT CHANGE for the ferries (¥3,820) and those staying in the Cultural Centre will also need ¥2,700 in exact change to pay for accommodation.

In addition, I recommend bringing at least ¥10,000 in spending money to Zamami as, not only will the ferry and accommodation costs need to be paid in cash, but there is only 1 ATM on the entire island, and all transactions here are cash-based.

* Snorkelling gear: Necessary if you want to take a peek at the island’s beautiful coral reefs and sea life! There are also places on the island that offer rental services, but these are limited. If you can, bring your own!

* Camping gear (if camping): see the link here for more information.

* Lunch for Saturday, October 14th. Please purchase or make it and bring with you!

* Alcohol (if you would like to drink alcohol). The BBQ party on Saturday evening is BYOB.


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